Criterion 4: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Key Indicator – 4.1 Physical Facilities

Metric 4.1.1:

Metric 4.1.2:

Expenditure for infrastructure augmentation

Key Indicator – 4.2 Library as a learning Resource

Metric 4.2.1:

Accession Register

Footfalls in Library 2022-23

Library Bill 2017-21

Library Expenditures

List of Books

List of Journals and Newspapers

Key Indicator – 4.3 IT Infrastructure

Metric 4.3.1:

Internet Facility

Updates of IT Facility

Metric 4.3.2:

Computer Dead stock

Computer Configuration

Key Indicator – 4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

Metric 4.4.1:

Budget Allocation 2017-22

Expenditure on Maintenance of Physical Facilities

Incharge AMC ICT Facility

Pest Control Bills 2018-2019