Deparment Of Physics

Forensic Physics is the application of physics for purposes of civil or criminal law. Forensic Physics has traditionally involved the measurement of density(soil & glass examination), the Refractive index of materials, and birefringence for fiber analysis.

The material exhibits which are obtained at the scene of the crime are examined by this department. Besides comparative studies of various impressions and marks of tools, etc. used in the commission of a crime are also made in this department. Determination of forced engine or chassis marks or restoration of an erased number upon metallic dates is also determined by the faculty of this department. Analysis of paint & glass articles and stamp impressions can be examined in this department.

Ballistics is the branch of forensic physics. It may be stated that a ballistic expert is the only person who ascertains whether a particular firearm was used or not while committing a crime. He is also to examine the types of firearms and ammunition used in the commission of a crime.

The department is involved in hands-on training on different instruments. We organize guest lectures on various aspects of forensic physics to enhance the knowledge of the students. We have Air Guns, Research microscopes, spectrometers, sound level meters, breath analyzer metal detectors, and basic electronic instruments used for the application of Forensic Physics.